Surgery Recovery

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Depending on the type of surgery, recovery can take days to weeks to months. Damaged tissue requires certain vitamins and nutrients to heal properly. To help jump start this process, many patients are turning to surgery recovery Vitamin IV drips.

Infuse Wellness offers The Pre/Post-Op Primer to help your body recover at the cellular level. Filled with high doses of Vitamin C, amino acids, Selenium and MIC, this surgery recovery Vitamin IV drip will help you heal faster and get back on your feet again.

  • Why I use vitamin IV drips (3/18/2015) - “Vitamin IV drip?” This was my reaction when a patient first asked me about intravenous vitamin drips. It was literally news to me. I am a physician trained in the traditional halls of medicine. I have a degree in biology and monthly subscriptions to multiple medical journals. I know an insane amount about diseases, antibiotics, …

• December 3, 2014

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