Migraine Headaches


Approximately 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and of them, 28 million suffer from migraines. Herbal remedies, Vitamin supplements, Western medications and dietary changes are some of the common headache treatments. The problem with any oral type of treatment is that it may not be effective once your migraine is full blown. This is why Vitamin IV drips are gaining such popularity.

For headache sufferers, Infuse Wellness offers The Migraine Buster. Filled with mega dose of Magnesium and Vitamin B1, this migraine headache vitamin IV drip works to relax blood vessels and skeletal muscle and kick that headache to the curb. IV anti-nausea medication and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication also available.

  • Why I use vitamin IV drips (3/18/2015) - “Vitamin IV drip?” This was my reaction when a patient first asked me about intravenous vitamin drips. It was literally news to me. I am a physician trained in the traditional halls of medicine. I have a degree in biology and monthly subscriptions to multiple medical journals. I know an insane amount about diseases, antibiotics, …

• December 3, 2014

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