Jet Lag


Whether you are a frequent traveler, or just returned from a vacation across the globe, you are likely to experience jet lag. Millions of travelers experience the common side effects of jet lag, which include insomnia and drowsiness. Jet lag results from a disruption in our circadian rhythms (aka our body’s natural biological clock) caused by traveling to different time zones.

To battle jet lag, Infuse Wellness offers The Jet Set Vitamin IV drip. Created especially for people on the go, the Jet set is packed with the essential vitamins and minerals to keep a body and mind grounded, plus the energy to succeed at your next professional or personal endeavor. It also has vitamin C to keep the immune system strong, Glutathione to detoxify and Magnesium to treat tense muscles and improve sleep

  • Why I use vitamin IV drips (3/18/2015) - “Vitamin IV drip?” This was my reaction when a patient first asked me about intravenous vitamin drips. It was literally news to me. I am a physician trained in the traditional halls of medicine. I have a degree in biology and monthly subscriptions to multiple medical journals. I know an insane amount about diseases, antibiotics, …

• December 3, 2014

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